Thursday, May 21, 2009

you've painted up your lips and rolled and curled your tinted hair

I have been a bad blogger lately. But i've struck gold with this new story I'm writing. AND since i'm lazy i'm just posting a little bit from the beginning. Sorry, it's not very intriguing so if you skip it, I won't tell.

The wind blew Margot's curly blonde hair over her eyes.
?Come on, come on, come on!? Cameron yelled toward her sister. ?Mar, come on! Taddy's gonna getcha!? Cameron's voice was high and Margot knew they were in danger of being found in the long grass by her older and much faster brother. But the girls possessed immense speed and their young legs ran with little rest.
Margot followed Cameron's dress as they ran through the golden field. She felt a sharp jab on her bare foot and quickly tumbled to the ground, bursting instantly into tears. Cameron skidded to a halt in the dirt clearing and turned quickly to face a wall of tall prairie stalks.
Tad was the first to arrive at his little sister's side. He was tall and skinny, fresh off the high from his twelfth birthday spent, as usual, on the shores of lake Michigan with his family.
?Marie,? he started, smiling warmly at her. She looked up with her soft, innocent eyes, still blurred. Tad reached toward her and wiped a tear off of her cheek.
?Marie, look,? he placed a gentle hand on her petite toe and softly stroked it. ?You're fine. There's nothing here.?
?What happened?? Cameron asked breathlessly, bursting into the sunny patch of grass the siblings were seated in. She was still two years younger than Tad, but had a competitive and fiery spirit that rivaled that of her brother. She was dressed in a white sundress, speckled with patches of dirt and grass stains. She had messy light brown curls hanging to her shoulders and a hard face, still full of girly cuteness, but with a rough exterior. She, too was barefoot and began examining her own skin searching for a possible wound similar to her sister's.
?She's fine,? Tad said, standing up and thrusting Margot onto his back. ?She just tripped.?

There's a lot of depressing subjects in the story including abuse, incest, and death. Sooo be thankful i included a semi-happy piece.


  1. Your margot will never replace my margo roth spiegelman.

    And incest!? I'd say I was appalled but I actually want to know how that comes about.

  2. who the fuck is margo roth speiglelman?