Sunday, May 17, 2009

They say I need some rogain to put in my hair

The purpose of bloggers, at least those with substance unlike much of this one, is to keep a check on news journalists. Things that are not on the news agenda get there through amateur blogs. While it is important that viewers can distinguish between amateur and professional blogs, I think this shows how much power citizens actually do have in our society. And how the internet empowers us.

Dear news agenda,
I would like to see more stories about the tragedies of Native Americans on the news. In an earlier post, I wrote about a reservation called Pine Ridge in South Dakota. Read it. I know it's long and people usually don't have much patience when searching around blogs, but i promise it's important.
I have this strong connection and sympathy for Native American culture. I don't really know why. It would make sense if I felt responsible for their demise, but I don't really, even though I probably should. I'm too quick to point my finger. THEY did it. Great Britain (well, let's be serious, England did it while the rest of us were still slaves to them ourselves).
I'm not one to let England off the hook. I still hold a grudge against queen Elizabeth for killing my queen, her own cousin...bitch. Whatever, she had her troubles.
Back to the point, I'm not one to let England off the hook. But I don't think pointing fingers at past events helps anything. Actually, it's rather hypocritical, especially for a citizen of America, a historically tyrannical empire, as most empires are or "must be."
But what are we doing? Pointing fingers at our government? That doesn't help anything. Step one: awareness. Step two: ACTION

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