Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't stop, don't stop now, just keep on going...

I always wished I could paint. My mom is a beautiful painter and really has skills in all areas of art. Even doodling. My mom makes the most beautiful doodles I've ever seen. I unfortunately never got this gene.
This semester I took a class called "Intro to Design" mostly to keep alive this crazy notion about wanting to be a fashion designer, even though I know it will not happen. This class was the most fun I've had since coming to college.
This wasn't just because it was simple and the lectures were the type to play bubble spinner during. I discovered something that gave me a little hope; if I do things in a simplistic manner, I'm actually not half bad!
I love painting and just turned in my final, a previously mentioned painted poster for Brazilian Girls and a fake concert they'd be doing in my area. Looking at everyone else's, mine wasn't the best. It didn't really stand out and it definitely wasn't the the cleanest work. Most other people used photoshop and obviously had an advantage over my hand painted work. The thing is though; mine could compete in its own.
This is something I never thought I'd be able to do; compete with others in an art class. So even though this class will give me no credits toward my degree or help me for practical purposes in life, i'm glad i took it. I found something out about myself and my insecurities.

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