Saturday, May 9, 2009

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun...

Went to the SoHE fashion show today. It was extremely exciting and once in a while I pretended I was a big star who gets photographed in the front row of Zach Posen or something. No i didn't. Yes I did.

I like how you come to a certain point in your life where you're not afraid to admit things that once seemed very loserish. Maybe I'm just more comfortable being a loser. Though I think I'm just more comfortable with myself.

In middle school everyone had to keep embarrassing secrets and were chastised for being different. By senior year of high school, everyone was "sick of school" and "people" and wanted to "be different." But that wasn't really true, they just wanted to sound cool. I still can't see a lot of the people from high school who said this admitting that they sometimes pretend they're in the opening sequence to a movie while walking down the street listening to their iPod. It's a shame because its rather liberating.

For those of you who ever wonder, Fifi Rae is my pseudonym. Fifi is what my sister calls me because my middle name is Fiona and Rae was my great grandma's maiden name. If I ever had a clothing line, it would be called Fifi Rae.

I talk a lot about fashion on here. I promise, I have quite a bit of substance and will get around to its presentation.

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