Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm on call, so be there

Sorry for the lack of blog-age as work has consumed my soul.  Also, I thought working in liquor would be fun, surrounded by cute little glass bottles and things...but no.  The number of lonely old men buying a case of Keystone light at 6:30 on a Monday evening are not so few and far between.  I also cannot reach the cigarettes so stop fucking smoking.  Sorry.  Smoking is okay.  Secretly, I think its a little sexy in a James Dean kind of way, but don't tell.  

Random thought:  Apparently Merv Griffen slept with James Dean!  This really disappoints me.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good gay; I really do.  But James Dean is the classic bad boy.  He's supposed to be this dark and troubled ladies man who drives a fast-ass mustang into the moonlight in Rebel Without a Cause, one of my favorite movies ever.

This brings something to mind; the subject of sexuality.  I've heard a ton of theories about sexuality, more so lately.  I've heard a lot of good friends (Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Billie-Joe Armstrong from Green Day) talk about bisexuality.  I used really not believe it existed which may be a little hypocritical because I'm all for brain chemistry theories about being homosexual.  

But hearing these new ideas about hypothesis ranging from all girls are bisexual to everyone is bisexual has really got me thinking.  Isn't it possible that everyone is bisexual but pushed one way or another by society?  I think it could be, though I'm not set on what I believe.  Maybe one day I will be, who knows.  

Oh P.S. I always title my blogs with lines from whatever song I have stuck in my head.  This title isn't an invitation for the subject of this blog, its from my favorite Kings of Leon song, On Call.    Just making sure

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