Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please, would you stop, I'm trying to get some rest...

Sometimes collecting random thoughts makes them seem not so random.  
So I often write for fun outside of classes even when I have enough inside class work to do.  I like to begin writing novels, but I tend to get very excited about how they will all turn out then my excitement digresses, hence the three unfinished novels I have stored within the confines of my open office program somewhere on this computer.  So I figure that blogging seems like something I would enjoy.  A combination of bitching and logging.  My new definition.  I will probably not do a whole lot of either, but rather use this as an outlet for my creative voice.

I have finals in exactly five days.  Five days to cram a semester's worth of information into some tiny brain part I learned two years ago in psychology but fail to remember at this moment.  That, in itself, is a failure of this brain part.

Why, you ask, if I have finals so soon am I on this sight doing some self-indulgent composing of useless jargon?  Well, dear friend, I don't really love calculus.  Sometimes I do, but only when I do really well.  Pretty sure that if that's the only time you love something that means you don't really love it.  The final that I am loving, however, is for my art class.  I am making a poster for one of my favorite bands in the world, Brazilian Girls.  It's a fake concert poster promoting their (I wish) appearance at the Union Terrace.

Speaking of the venue, I went to the terrace for lunch last week and realized how much I love that place.  Sitting and looking out of the water brought to me a familiar feeling of nostalgia.  I'm not sure if it was nostalgia for being young and going to the terrace for different concerts with my parents or for my beloved homeland, 44 Saltburn, Invergordon, Scotland, IV18OJY.  "Saltburn by the Sea" if you will.  Either way, the feeling brought about some good memories, a success for that part of my brain which often fails at remembering, although long term memory is probably the product of another part of my brain.

Ah well, I've done enough collecting for the day.  I promise my following posts will be a little more exciting.  

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