Monday, June 1, 2009

but it's just your one-sided feelings that keep getting in the way

Today, my mother informed me that complaints have been made about a nearby town's library book section called "over the rainbow." This is a collection of readings that deal with material important to the homosexual culture or centered around a plotline involving homosexuals.

So, at the center of the anti-gay feelings is the fact that it goes against religious morals, yes? If it is unacceptable to have books about homosexuality, is it then unacceptable to have books centered around Islam, Judaism, Atheism, Hindu? Or, do all books need to adhere to religious laws of all of these practices? Good luck women, minorities, and Christians. And Muslims. And Hindus. And everyone. You all violate each other's laws.

If you don't want your kid reading books that have homos in them, accompany them to the library and monitor what they're checking out. Little hint, though: you're not doing them any favors. By refusing to expose kids to homosexuals, you are teaching them that this is wrong and those believing otherwise should be judged.

Going off of this whole thing, I'm angered over the prop 8 issue. Someday, hopefully, we'll look back on this whole issue and it'll be a little like civil rights. I'm not comparing the two, I realize that homosexuals have the right to vote and use the same bubbler and go to school, etc. but it is still deprevation of rights.

I hate the Bible argument. The chapter of Leviticus that states that a man should not sleep with another man also condones many other things. Clipping the hair from your beard or the side of your face, for instance. Having sight problems. Turning your back to the front of the church. How's about we take a right away from all these Leviticus-condemned crimes. Don't have 20/20 vision? No election vote. Trimmed your beard? No pleading the fifth for you.

This is sad that we're supposed to be so advanced but still have such a puritanical mindset. Not even really puritanical I guess...outdated?

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