Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I had my rock, I had my roll, but I couldn't find my spark

For another eventful afternoon at Sentry liquor, I decided to flip through a magazine another employee had left there.  I usually enjoy magazines, but end up feeling guilty for the hour of trash time I spend reading it when I could get back to the Awakening.  This was People's hottest bachelors so it didn't seem so bad.

Though I did enjoy its main attraction, there was a story in there that was a little more touching to me.  I came across an article about an organization called "Church under the Bridge" out of a variety of cities across Texas.  The place of worship is, as the title would indicate, a simple stage surrounded by fold-up chairs underneath a bridge in poorer areas of urbanized ci

It was first developed in 1992, in Waco, under I-35 with a congregation of nearly 300 people.  People.  People not often considered people.  Homeless, drug addicts, and prostitutes make up the majority of the congregation.  It runs on private donations and the time and effort of pastor Jimmy Dorrell and college-age volunteers.  The church serves hot meals to the hungry every Sunday after worship.

Say what you will about the politics of religion.  I'm not concerned at this moment about the beliefs of this church or the problems caused.  I think this is pretty damn awesome.  Most people turn their noses up at "low-lifes" like homeless people.  Most people judge 
drug addicts and alcoholics.  Most church-goers are deeply disturbed by the amoral behavior of prostitutes.  This man serves them.  

Hell if that's not the way humanity is supposed to be.

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