Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm doing cartwheels

I hate fighting. I hate feeling trapped in fights that you accidentally started. The worst thing a person can do when fighting is ignore the other. I must keep this in mind as I tend to be a softie when fighting. I end up saying, "fine, you win, you're right, forget it." This sucks, but, as said before, I hate fighting.

I made an impolite joke and got hung up on tonight, and am now being ignored. It really, really pisses me off which is, I'm sure, the intention.

Fighting is ugly. People you care about strategize to piss you off. You return the favor. I'm so sick of fighting and being stuck in a permanent state of fight, but being too soft to abort the mission.

I'm too upset to write tonight.  My eyes are puffy.


  1. Maybe you should have thought about that BEFORE you asked me if Tony was "the chocolate fudge on my vanilla sundae."