Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ooo baby, I'm a fool for you

Do you ever scream as loud as you can in a room full of people and nobody even looks up from what they're doing?
I do this all the time.

Yeah, this is the typical teenage "nobody understands me" whine that I'm so sick of, I literally want to vomit on myself for this statement. It is so frustrating to be trapped somewhere where nobody understands the words you say or what you want or your dreams. Nobody is sensitive to dreams after you reach a certain age. I could go back to high school.
Why do people do these things? When you're young they smile and laugh and agree with all these big plans you have for yourself and these crazy ideas you have the audacity to believe you can do.

As soon as you reach the age where you live away from home, however, these people turn on you. Reality bites. But it's not just that. People force reality onto you. I would still believe in all these crazy plans.
Being out in the pseudo-real world hasn't altered my dreams. Not even when I have to spend all my money on them. Others have altered them.

People give you ultimatums, make you feel guilty, laugh at you. What the hell am I supposed to do? Keep dreaming? Keep in mind these will always just be dreams? Or do the things I feel is what I'm supposed to do?

I'm screaming and nobody is looking. It wouldn't make a difference if they were, they don't understand anyway.


  1. next year, in our house can we set up a dream notebook where we make lists of dreams and go about making them true?