Sunday, June 21, 2009

The spotlight is on

I do not enjoy racism. Someone I consider a very close friend hates African Americans. This person was pulled over and ticketed the other day by an African American. I understand he/she is frustrated, but I highly doubt that if the officer's skin was lighter he would've said "Oh yeah, its okay if he/she doesn't drive abiding by the law."

This is a real shame because I tend to focus too much on poor traits and will now have trouble looking past these racist statements and still enjoying the company of this person. This is, in itself a bit of a judgement. Oh, bother.

Here is something else I am upset about: The Miss California controversy. In case you're out of the loop, at the pageant, Perez Hilton asked her how she felt about gay marriage.

This is an opinion question. She stated that she grew up in a traditional family and believed marriage is for one man and one woman. An honest answer.

The girl has been fired for causing "controversy." So, what was the question then? "Repeat after me, 'gays should marry.'"?

She was asked for her opinion, she gave it. I'm defending her and I don't even agree with her! People are allowed to have differing opinions. It's part of being diverse just as homosexuals and those who support their rights is.

Is it because the question was asked by a homosexual?

Personally, I just don't really understand judgement based on race, sexuality, OR opinion.

Actually, that's probably I lie.  I often unintentionally say "what a douchebag" when near a Republican.  I am a hypocrite.

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  1. Most opinions are fair game.

    And I'm with you on ms. thing up there. While I don't agree with it, the majority of the state she's representing is against gay marriage. I don't see the controversy. Can I exact a small amount of judgment on her for her answer? Yes. Should it affect her standing in a fucking beauty pageant? No.