Friday, June 5, 2009

how does it feel? to be without a home, a complete unknown, like a rolling stone

I finished my payment deal for my trip this summer.

I'm going to the Dominican Republic for two weeks to volunteer in a school and also either building a home or doing some trail management and ecology teaching there. I'm extremely thrilled, but for some reason or another my parents are not.

Volunteering is my calling. Saving the world piece by piece is my aim. Why is it hard for parents to understand their child's calling?

I think in this case, it's the fact that this is MY dream. This is a dream separate from theirs. It seems weird because I feel like my sister once had this dream and I can't seem to remember them disapproving. Then again, she is the golden child.

I will not go into my severe case of not good enough syndrome because I think everyone's just crabby at me because the economy isn't the type that you want to spend money to teach kids to read without pay in.

I'll keep telling myself that.

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