Thursday, June 11, 2009

some call me the gangster of love

Kate Gosselin gets a lot of flak. My favorite: "what's with that hair? She's got that asymmetrical thing I don't approve of, it's like are you straight or are you a lesbian? Make a decision" -Chelsea Handler.
Anyway, I think a lot of judgements about her are really unfair and I'm upset nobody else recognizes this. EVERYONE shits on her for "never giving him room to breath" and "treating him like a child."I will not argue that she is dominant. I do, however, think being dominant in a relationship is different than being controlling. If Jon had her role in the relationship or the interviews, I don't think anyone would notice anything. Why is male dominance still the "norm" and those who break away from it bitches? I don't know about you, but I feel like it's been a while since that whole "women's rights" thing came about. Sure, we're still fighting a couple Sarah Palins off, but haven't we come farther than snap judgements about wives who take charge?Frankly, the whole Jon and Kate thing doesn't really interest me. I used to watch the show sometimes when it was on and my mom wanted to, but that wasn't something I shouted off the rooftops. People get divorced. Is this really all that interesting?

Scandal aside, let's back the shit off of Kate. And any dominant woman who may just happen to have stepped up for herself.

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