Monday, June 8, 2009

than to lie to one as beautiful as you

Last night there was nothing on TV as it was a summer sunday evening. But I managed to flip to stations at just the right time. I caught the entirety of Titanic and Legends of the Fall and it really wasn't too big a waste of seven hours. Holy shit, seven hours?

Anyway, both are, of course, these epic love stories filled with excitement and adventure and of course a little Leo or Brad dirty scene isn't too tough to watch either.
I really need to learn not to watch these. They make me sad. I suppose its kind of good I'll never get a love story like this, but I truly get depressed for like three days thinking about the fact that my lover will never sweep me off of my feet and sacrifice his floating door for me so I don't freeze to death. He won't avenge my death by taking scalps of county politicians then have to run off to the woods to live the rest of his life. I won't wake up to find he's poisoned himself because he can't live without me.

Oh, bollox.
I kind of want a dramatic and timeless love like that, though it doesn't often end well.

I'm also fairly certain I'm in love again with Leo.

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