Wednesday, July 22, 2009

you know that I could use somebody

I haven't blogged in forever so this one's going to be shit. I managed to spend a whole week in an area with no internet and little phone reception. Kinda liked it. Back now. Stressed out. Nervous. Fat.

"Meaty" as I like to say. Bought liquid leggings after swearing to myself I never would due to my meatiness.

Went to NASA today. Would like to go to the moon for a quick jaunt.


Would like to put an "n" at the end of random. Randomn. I like that.

Hid a tiny bottle of vodka in my underwear today. Don't ask. Or do.

In love with big brother to the point that I strategize for every player and sometime imagine I'm in the game.

Would like to be friends with Megan Fox. Would like to see the other half of her nose and where it went. Would like to ask where she got her boobs and lip injections from. They look nice.

Falling back in love with classics. George. Leo. Matt. Mark. Older fellas.

Also in love with Jared Followill. Nobody knows who that is. That's okay.

Apologizing for the shitty bloggage. I'll get back on pace

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