Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why I am not a journalism major

More times than I appreciate, I have been asked, "Lyndsay, why are you not a journalism major?"

See from the outside, that really is where I should've gone. I was the Editor of my high school newspaper for two years and I love writing. Not to sound self important, but I'm actually alright at it also. English was always my best subject, best score on the ACT, and I write in my free time very often. So why then, did I not choose to make a career out of it?

I have this weird trait about me where I have to take the hard way for everything. I have this fierce independence that I've had forever but only recently come to recognize. I can remember when I was little playing scrabble with my dad and I'd play a word and he'd say "No, move it over here, you'll get more points." Then I'd get furious and move my tiles back to the original crap position because I COULD NOT STAND SOMEONE ELSE PLAYING FOR ME. Are all kids like this?

Also, I have always felt a strong calling to help people. Post graduation, the plan is to join the peace corps and after my first 26 month stint, I'm actually hoping to do another somewhere else. With a degree like engineering, especially mine which will be geared toward improving underdeveloped and heavily agriculturally-related areas, I feel I will actually be able to put in the physical effort to help.

I really do not want to undermine this humanitarian idea in journalists. Journalism serves a HUGE role in humanitarian efforts. It isn't that I feel I'd be doing nothing as a journalist, I would just rather actually be designing the programs or methods that improve underdeveloped areas.

I wish I had time to live about six different lives. I'd totally be Peter Travers and write for Rolling Stone if I knew that's where I'd end up as a journalist. That would be boss.

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